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er solar companies and designed a range of solar hot water systems suited to Australian climate and our conditions. Over time we extended our portfolio and expanded into the international market. In November 2019, after 3 years research and rigid tested, we introduced a range of heat pump water heaters under the Enviroheat brand. The ENVIROHEAT heat pump hot water system represents a leap forward in energy efficiency water heating. Produced by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, this heat pump hot water system was initially introduced into Europe well over a decade ago and has proven performance in temperatures as low as -7°C. Bringing a heat pump that can achieve reliability and proven performance in such weather conditions to our warm climate, the performance is exceptional and provides a quick recovery heat pump hot water heater.

With our hot water components sourced from the worlds best here in Australia, Holland, Italy, France and the highest quality available from China, we have developed the absolute best range of energy efficient hot water systems and did I mention we are 100% Australian Owned

We still remain a Family owned company with long term limited shareholders that all have a vested interest and have been working on and within the hot water industry for many decades if not all our working lives

This is a rarity in the Australian hot water industry, to remain Australian owned and not controlled by multinational foreign owned corporations is nearly unheard of these days

Envirosun and Enviroheat hot water system

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